Postpartum depletion is a real thing, where a woman's body loses many vital nutrients during pregnancy, labor, and breastfeeding. Some new theories even suggest that the effects of nutrient loss in a mother's body can have consequences even up to a decade after giving birth. With the changing lifestyles and lack of extensive family support, it is becoming harder for many mothers to take care of their own nutrition, but it is so very essential, both for the mom and the newborn.

At Freshly Moms, our philosophy is 'lactation with nutrition'. We don't want to offer empty calories which may work to increase your milk supply, but has no other benefits. It is hard to find breastfeeding supporting products that are not loaded with sugar or butter to mask the unnatural flavors of brewers yeast and other artificial ingredients. We wanted to keep things simple, and use ingredients that have been proven to support healthy breastfeeding, but without overloading new mothers' fragile bodies with things they don't need. You will never find any unnecessary refined sugars, butter, artificial flavors or sweeteners in our products. We promise.


Our recipes are inspired from cultures which have a tradition of focused postpartum care for mothers. The use of these ingredients have been tested and refined over hundreds of years for providing new mothers with the most important nutrients during her recovery. However, we didn't stop at that. We verified the nutritional content of each ingredient to scientifically establish its benefits before including it in our products. We did all the reading, research and verification (basically all the not-so-interesting stuff), so you don't have to!

Yes! We love to add it in our smoothie bowls, pancakes, nut butters, and have it with warm milk with some honey/dates. You may even use it in baking to make lactation bites, cookies, and even pancakes!

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