Can You Increase Milk Supply With a Cookie? The Truth About Lactation Cookies

Can You Increase Milk Supply With a Cookie? The Truth About Lactation Cookies

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Table of Contents

1. What Are Lactation Cookies and Treats?

2. How Do Lactation Boosting Foods Work?

3. What Ingredients Are In Lactation Supplements, Foods, and Cookies?

      • Milk Thistle
      • Fennel
      • Moringa
      • Flaxseed
      • Fenugreek
      • Oats
      • Brewer’s Yeast

    4. Do Lactation Cookies and Other Products Really Work?

    5. How Do I Know If I Need Lactation Products?

    6. Related Products

    It sounds too good to be true, increase your breastmilk supply with a delicious cookie! Lactation cookies have become very popular with first-time and veteran mama’s alike. They often have fun flavors and are considered both a delicious and convenient way to give your breastmilk supply a boost. 

    While lactation-increasing supplements seem like a no-brainer, you may wonder how a cookie can have such an effect on breastmilk production. 

    Well, they share one very important thing in common, galactagogue ingredients. A regular old cookie won’t do much for your milk supply, but one full of milk-increasing herbs certainly might. The good news is that cookies aren’t the only lactation boosting products that are both delicious and simple. 

    If you are a mama looking to increase or maintain your supply with tasty and convenient food options, this post is for you! We’ll give you a brief overview of what galactagogues are and how to decipher if they’re on a product's ingredients list. We’ll also check out a few of our favorite milk supply-friendly treats.


    What Are Lactation Cookies and Treats?

    Lactation cookies and other products designed to boost milk supply are foods or supplements that can be added to your diet to support healthy lactation.

    Maintaining milk supply is often at the forefront of breastfeeding mothers' minds. Often from day one, it is normal for moms to question if they are producing enough milk for their infant. Issues with latching, milk supply, and concerns about infant weight and nutrition can lead to some moms stopping breastfeeding earlier than they hoped. 

    In fact, the CDC reports that sixty percent of mothers do not breastfeed as long as intended. For moms concerned with their supply and continuing their breastfeeding journey, lactation supplements can be a simple solution.

    How Do Lactation Boosting Foods Work?

    Lactation cookies, treats, supplements, and foods work by containing potent milk-enhancing ingredients. These ingredients are known as galactagogues. 

    Galactagogues are substances that are known to promote lactation. They can be derived from plants, or synthetic. Not all galactagogues are as potent as others, and some women have great results with one and lackluster results with another. 

    When it comes to lactation cookies and other products, you may be able to eat a couple, see a boost in your supply and then stop using the product. Or, you may need to regularly add them to your diet to maintain milk production. 

    But remember, lactation cookies are still cookies, therefore it may not be ideal to eat them regularly. Other products, like lactation smoothie mix, can be just as easy and delicious while also being healthier. 

    What Ingredients Are In Lactation Supplements, Foods, and Cookies?

    Every lactation product has a different list of milk-enhancing ingredients. Many use a blend of galactagogues. You may respond better to some than others.

    Common Ingredients Include:


    • Milk Thistle: In addition to promoting supply, milk thistle helps to nourish the liver, flush out toxins, and increase gut microbiome diversity. 
    • Fennel: Fennel is full of iron and fiber. These qualities make it great for maintaining energy and healthy digestion. 
    • Moringa: Moringa has been used for centuries as a milk booster. It is also excellent for replenishing nutrient supplies as it is full of vitamins, minerals, and protein. 
    • Flaxseed: A great source of omega-3’s and dietary fiber. It helps to increase the quality and content of breastmilk. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals. 
    • Fenugreek: Fenugreek is a longtime favorite for increasing milk. It is rich in vitamins and minerals like iron and magnesium. 
    • Oats: Oats are a common lactation cookie ingredient. They are high in iron, which may ward off anemia and help to increase supply. 
    • Brewer’s Yeast: Brewer's yeast is considered a galactagogue and contains a potent blend of vitamins and minerals. It can help boost immunity as well.
    In addition to galactagogues, other ingredients can be very beneficial to new moms. Some of our favorites include ashwagandha, Shatavari, and turmeric. Organic, quality ingredients like these can help promote calm, replenish and repair your cells, decrease inflammation, and increase energy.


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    Do Lactation Cookies and Other Products Really Work?

    Yes, for most moms lactation cookies and milk-boosting products work to increase breastmilk supply. Their potent blend of galactagogues helps to increase and maintain lactation.

    Lactation mixes and powders can be a more effective solution than lactation cookies. Lactation smoothie mix is versatile and can be added to a variety of beverages and foods, helping to increase its nutritional content and milk-increasing properties. It can even be used with your favorite cookie mix to make lactation cookies!

    Chocolate lactation drink mix can be a healthier way to build your supply while indulging in a sweet treat. From beverages to mug cakes, this simple and clean mix works with an assortment of recipes




          How Do I Know If I Need Lactation Products?

          Your milk may take a few days to arrive after you give birth. Colostrum is your body’s first milk and is present even during the later stages of pregnancy. Once your milk comes in, it will slowly build during the first few months until a regular supply is established.

          Still, many moms experience dips in supply throughout their breastfeeding journey. This could be due to the return of menstruation, going back to work, your infant having a growth spurt or a decrease in hydration and nutrition.

          Common milk supply indicators are: 


          • Not enough wet/dirty diapers (around 6-8 wet diapers a day by the end of your baby’s first week). 
          • Improper weight gain and development (most infants gain 4-7 ounces each week and continue to meet developmental milestones as they age).  
          It doesn’t hurt to add products like our lactation smoothie mix to your routine even if you don’t suspect you have a low supply. The organic, nourishing, and clean ingredients help to promote general wellness in addition to healthy lactation. 


          We recommend stocking up on a jar before your expected due date so you can start replenishing nutrients and fueling your body as soon as you bring your bundle of joy home from the hospital!


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