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We celebrate the incredible hero within—your body. Your trusted side-kick on the journey to embracing your natural self. At OSH Wellness, we champion the belief that it is best to use only what is required for your well-being. Your body has the innate ability to heal itself. Our formulations are not just science-backed; they're simple, high-quality blends crafted with ayurvedic ingredients, enhancing your body's ability to shine.

only what’s

Minimal ingredients, maximum wellness—only the essentials for optimal health.

source that’s

Sharing the authentic sources behind our
high-quality ingredients.

your body’s

Boosting your body's natural abilities with our
supportive formulations.

WHAT WE  back

Expertise you can trust - learn about the science backing our Ayurvedic solutions

how we fit in your lifestyle

At Osh, our products evolve with you, supporting every life stage. From Infancy to senior adulthood, we're here to enhance your well-being, ensuring you thrive at every age. With science-backed supplements, we're your partner in living your healthiest, happiest life. Trust Osh to provide tailored support that adapts to your changing needs, empowering you to embrace each stage with confidence.

OSH advisory  board

We're proud to collaborate with experts, whose guidance and insights drive our mission to provide safe, effective, and innovative wellness products.

Sunny Rose Healey, AP

Advisor, Board Certified Ayurvedic Practioner (NAMA) Sunny is the founder of Mamayurveda and has been on the faculty at the Ayurvedic Institute since 2009. She helps women with hands-on self healing and one-on-one programs for preconception, pregnancy, postpartum and all of life transitions.

Prateek Jain

Prateek is a seasoned entrepreneur who has co-founded and scaled a fintech startup. He is currently leading marketing and operations at one of the Canada's largest auto parts e-commerce platforms. He brings in a decade of experience in marketing, design and payments.

Nurturing  Nature

Greener Future

We're dedicated to protecting the planet and promoting sustainability. Every order you make helps us plant a tree, supporting reforestation and reducing carbon emissions. Plus, our eco-friendly packaging and plant-based products minimize harm to the environment.


Plant a tree with each purchase


100% Biodegradable PLA bottles and jars


Cruelty-free choices


At the core of our values lies evidence-backed formulations and responsible sourcing. We prioritize sustainable practices, and evaluate ingredient quality rigorously - ensuring integrity from source to product.




Maca Root

Chaste Tree Berry


Stinging Nettle

Tribulus Fruit

Note from THE  Founder

Note from THE  Founder

In the whirlwind of my perinatal journey, I found myself sick of (pun intended) the opaque and inadequate support from available supplements. Seeking alternatives to medical interventions, I turned to Ayurvedic ingredients, crafting my own blends. When I took a deep dive into their scientific efficacy, I discovered evidence behind their time-tested effectiveness.
Years of relentless research, blending, testing and refining with my dedicated team of advisors led to formulations that truly resonated with my ideals. For every product that met our rigorous standards, ten fell short. At the core of our ethos lies a commitment to transparency in sourcing and unwavering honesty in communication. It's not boasting; it's just upholding the standards I longed for as a discerning consumer.

- Shruti Mishra, Founder
Shruti is a plant-based wellness chef and a mother of two. She is a graduate of Natural Gourmet Institute and a certified nutritionist with a decade of experience in creating health-focused recipes and blends.