Our Mission

Educate : Be the go to resource for expecting and new mothers to find relevant information about perinatal care and nutrition

Nourish : Provide easy access to the best quality nutrition to new mothers 

Empower : Enable new mothers to focus on the baby, while supporting the mother's recovery. Build a strong foundation of physical and mental health for the coming years of her life.

Our Story

Freshly Moms was found when Shruti noticed a lack of clean eating options for new moms during her own postpartum recovery. All she could find was lactation cookies and bars which did little beyond increasing the milk quantity. Being from a culture where a new mother's recovery is a primary focus, she got obsessed with spreading awareness about the importance of nourishing a new mother. 

She researched several cultures where mothers are nourished and rested for first six weeks after childbirth and studied the various foods that are given to the mother during this phase. Being a nutritionist, she then verified and established the benefits of each of these foods and selected the most nutrient dense super ingredients from them. To make it convenient for new moms to nourish themselves, she created delicious snacks and teas designed  specifically for them, made with the cleanest organic ingredients available. 

Shruti Mishra


Founder & Chief Nutritionist

Shruti is a math & operations geek turned chef & nutritionist. Leaving behind a lucrative actuary job, Shruti has worked tirelessly towards her passion for creating delicious healthy foods. A graduate of Natural Gourmet Institute and Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Shruti is also a Pilates mat instructor and an avid yogi. Her favorite title however is being the mother to 1 year old Kavish.

Jasmine Kaur



Jasmine is a Food Science graduate from McGill University and has worked extensively in the food and beverage industry. She is experienced in handling food manufacturing operations and developing quality and safety procedures. She has also trained and managed food industry professionals. Jasmine brings a wealth of experience and network to Freshly Moms

Sunny Rose Healey, AP

Advisor, Board Certified Ayurvedic Practioner (NAMA)

Sunny is the founder of  Mamayurveda and has been on the faculty at the Ayurvedic Institute since 2009.  

Learn the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda through her style of hands-on self healing or work with her one-on-one for general women’s health, preconception, pregnancy, postpartum and all of your life transitions. Click  HERE to learn more about Sunny and Mamāyurveda. Check out her  Ayurvedic postpartum guide and cookbook!

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