Supplements to Increase Sperm Count

Supplements to Increase Sperm Count

Male infertility, or fertility complications, wasn't traditionally discussed. However, more light is being shed on the male-specific conditions that can affect fertility in modern society. As a result, some men turn to supplements to boost their fertility.

Table of Contents

1. Poor Sperm Motility

2. Ejaculation Volume 

3. Ingredients to Increase Sperm Count 


    • Ashwagandha
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin D3
    • Vitamin E
    • Vitamin B9 (Folate) 
    • Selenium
    • Maca Root Powder
    • Shatavari 
4. Male Fertility Supplements   


5. Conclusion

Fertility issues can make you feel saddened, confused, and isolated. But know that you are not alone. Researchers estimate that one in every six couples experiences fertility problems. While fertility struggles are no one's fault, in nearly forty percent of couples, fertility complications result from the male partner.

Male infertility, or fertility complications, wasn't traditionally discussed. However, more light is being shed on the male-specific conditions that can affect fertility in modern society. As a result, some men turn to supplements to boost their fertility. 

Many of these supplements have to do with both quality and quantity. Though many of them focus on increasing sperm count. Still, it's essential to know that different factors can affect fertility. Some are linked to semen quality or quantity, while others are tied to sexual function. They include: 


  • Sperm count
  • Sperm motility 
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Libido
  • Testosterone levels  
Early research shows a positive correlation between increased intake of vitamins and minerals and better outcomes for each factor listed above. This is because nutritional factors can play a role in many conditions or issues, like stress or deficiencies, impacting male fertility.  


Before we dive into the most beneficial supplements for male fertility, let's take a closer look at the issues some men may face.



Poor Sperm Motility

What is sperm motility? It makes sense when you think about it; motility relates to movement. Precisely, sperm motility measures how well sperm progress towards their destination – the female's egg. If you were to look under a microscope at healthy sperm, you would expect to see them move 25 micrometers per second. Healthy sperm only take 30-45 minutes to reach the egg (if one is present).

If sperm move slowly, improperly, or not at all, this can be an issue for conception. Sperm motility problems include:


  • Slow forward progress
  • No progressive movement forward (less than 5 micrometers per second)
  • No motility or movement at all 


It isn't always easy for doctors to diagnose sperm swimming issues. Complications can arise from genetic problems, lifestyle factors, or health conditions. Smoking has a significant on sperm motility, particularly impacting those who smoke more than ten cigarettes a day. Pelvic area trauma, usually as a result of work or intense physical activities, is a known cause of poor motility too. Finally, varicocele, which is swollen and enlarged veins in the scrotum, is cited as impairing motility. Around 40% of men with varicocele experience infertility.

Semen analysis can help determine sperm motility, as well as ejaculation volume.


Ejaculation Volume

Along with sperm health, the volume of sperm can be another concern. Ejaculation volume refers to how much semen is deposited into the uterus. The thought is that with a more significant number of sperm comes a higher likelihood of egg fertilization.

What volume of ejaculation is average?

In general, average ejaculation falls around 1.5 to 5.0 milliliter per ejaculation. Each milliliter contains about 20 to 150 million sperm. That is a fairly broad range. What's crucial isn't really the amount of ejaculate but the sperm count within it. 

Ejaculate is made up of water, plasma, mucus (for lubrication), a few nutrients, and, most importantly, sperm. A male is typically considered fertile if he has at least 15 million sperm per milliliter. 

What Determines Ejaculation Volume?

First, age contributes to ejaculation volume. Men reach peak semen production in their early thirties. As they age, their ejaculation volume often decreases. Genetic factors, lifestyle, diet and smoking habits, and general health may also affect volume. Because semen is primarily composed of water, dehydration may make it more viscous.

What Supplements Increase Ejaculation Volume? 

When it comes to supplements to increase sperm volume, you can't overlook ashwagandha. Ashwagandha plays a positive role in many fertility issues. In fact, found it has been found to cause a 53% increase in sperm volume. 

Additionally, lecithin, zinc, maca, fenugreek, vitamin D3, and amino acids promote greater semen volume. These supplements aren't guaranteed to produce more significant amounts of seminal fluid, but it doesn't hurt to try them. Conveniently, many of these ingredients are often combined into one practical pill. 

Remember, though; it isn't only about semen volume. Your sperm count and sperm motility are vitally important to fertility. 

shatavari Freshly Moms

Ingredients to Increase Sperm Count

Are you looking to fight oligospermia, also known as low sperm count? Along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, consider adding these vitamins, minerals, and herbs.


For centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, ashwagandha for male fertility has been used. Ashwagandha for sperm count is particularly effective because it is an adaptogen. As oxidative stress is known to negatively impact sperm count and quality, taking a supplement that fights the effects of this stress, like ashwagandha, is beneficial. Taking ashwagandha resulted in a 57% increase in sperm motility and a 167% increase in quantity for some patients. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant; and one that we can only get through our diet. Antioxidants help protect our cells by fighting free radicals that can damage them. Vitamin C can be effective in reducing sperm DNA damage as well as improving mobility and count. Some reported a doubling of their sperm count! 

Vitamin D3 

Vitamin D3, usually just called Vitamin D, is essential to your body's functions. It affects fertility, too, with adequate levels leading to improved fertility and higher sperm count in men. It's a good idea for almost all of us to take a Vitamin D supplement as many do not get enough sunlight exposure to satisfy our needs.

Vitamin E 

The fat-soluble vitamin, Vitamin E, has a myriad of benefits for your body, including preventing artery clots and boosting immune function. Additionllay, Vitamin E should be included on your list of sperm motility supplements. It helps to protect the cell membrane of the sperm from damage. Not only does it help quality but motility too. Vitamin C helps regenerate Vitamin E, so a great supplement should include them both.

Vitamin B9 (Folate) 

Folate or Folic Acid is the natural form of Vitamin B9. Regardless of what you call it, this vitamin is helpful when dealing with sperm issues. A study found that a regimen of folic acid caused sperm count to increase by 74% in some patients, even if their low sperm count wasn't the result of a folate deficiency. A folate deficiency was tied to poor sperm DNA stability, meaning it's vital for sperm health and quantity. 


Selenium is a mineral that is most commonly found in the soil but also appears in water and select foods. This mineral functions as an antioxidant, playing a role in sperm morphology and ultimately sperm motility. If a male is deficient in selenium, he can experience deformed or inefficient sperm cells, decreasing motility. Over half of the participants had increased sperm motility when taking selenium supplements in one study.

Maca Root Powder

Maca is a vegetable related to the common radish and turnip. In Peru, where it comes from, it has been used for centuries as medicine, particularly as a natural supplement to increase seminal fluid. Though taking a maca supplement can improve a variety of factors related to male fertility, including sperm count, semen volume, sperm motility, and libido. It's one of the best supplements to increase semen. 


A member of the asparagus family, the roots of Shatavari are adaptogenic. However, this time-honored herb has so many more benefits than only fighting oxidative stress! Long used in Ayurvedic medicine, Shatavari translates to "100 spouses", illustrating its profound fertility and vitality-boosting effects. Shatavari promotes feelings of love and devotion or, more accurately, increases libido. Furthermore, in some individuals, it increases semen count and sperm motility. By balancing the body's energies, Shatavri may help prevent the depletion of sperm. Instead, working to nourish the reproductive system.

Male Fertility Supplements

If you're looking to increase motility and increase sperm count, supplements can be valuable to your routine. The best supplements combine the most effective vitamins, minerals, and herbs into one complete and convenient pill. 

As is the case with our Men's Fertility Support Capsules. Their potent blend of ingredients works to increase sperm count, improve sperm motility, and support healthy sperm formation. Each capsule contains proven Western vitamins and minerals and time-tested Ayurvedic herbs. 

The ingredient list includes ashwagandha, Shatavari, maca, CoQ10, selenium, Vitamin B9, and Vitamin C. Combining the best of both worlds to make a supplement that nourishes your reproductive system while benefiting your overall health. 

Along with improving sperm quality and quantity, our fertility capsules may help to boost libido and vitality – two important considerations when you're trying to conceive.

Men's Complete Fertility Support

Osh Wellness fertility support combines all the above active ingredients along with essential vitamins to help improve the sperm count and quality.

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In Conclusion 

Many factors play a role in male fertility. Supplements alone cannot increase the likelihood that you and your partner will conceive. However, they are a valuable addition to your routine. They may help you increase your sperm count and overall sperm health. It's always recommended that you make the necessary lifestyle changes to improve your chances of conceiving. Devoting time and care to your body before conception will help set the stage for a healthy world into which your baby will enter. 

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